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Orders, Deliveries & Pickups

Can all items be delivered by mail?

Yes, providing that the full complete order is not over 2kg and the address is located in Malta or Gozo. These addresses are limited to one that has a postcode i.e. a Maltapost service.

If your orders is above 2kg, you will be contacted to organise a pickup by apppointment.

How do I identify which items require a certificate?

Before adding the item to the basket, one should enter the certificate number in the appropriate entry box. This is found between the text “Enter your badge certificate number” and the “Add to Basket” Button.

If one does not enter the certificate number, the item is not added to the basket and a note “No Badge Certificate Added” is shown on the screen.

One must also be careful to enter the certificate number in the correct format as indicated on the page.

How long does it take to get items delivered?

Your order will normally be dispatched within 1-2 weeks. You will get a notification when the item is sent by postal mail.

If your order has not been received after a month, please contact us on [email protected] quoting your order number.

What type of delivery service do you provide?

We currently offer standard Maltapost shipping for free, if your total order is below 2kg.

Why is only pick up available during checkout?

The full order exceeded the dimension or weight restriction (2kg) on our free postal service.

One might possibly get around this by splitting the order in different orders or removing the bulky item/s.

Otherwise, you will be contacted to do a physical pickup by appointment.

When will an order be available for pickup?

Pickups are only available for orders exceeding 2kg. Once your orders starts being processed you will be contacted to organise a pickup date/time/location by appointment.

From where do I pickup my order?

Due to current restrictions on our operations, this will not be at the registered address given on the website. You will be given the pickup address during the appointment communication if you order exceeds 2kg.

Do you supply items to non-members?

The Badge Shop currently only supplies items to the members of The Scout Association of Malta.

Do you deliver outside of the Maltese Islands?

We currently only deliver to our own members located within the Maltese Islands.

Unfortunately, overseas delivery is currently not possible. We are working on making this available in the future.

Disclaimer regarding Prices and Availablity

All prices and availability information is subject to change without prior notice.

Can one do bulk order for a Scout Group?

This functionality is only being given to a maximum of two leaders per group upon request. Please contact your Group Scout Leader for more information.


Can I buy the uniform shirt & pants from the Badge Shop?

Unfortunately, no.

Currently, the uniform shirt & pants can only be bought from In Design Malta Ltd located in Attard. More details by clicking here.

Can I buy the activity wear from the Badge Shop?

It is better that you check with your local scout group about this matter.

Each group can either procure its own branded stock or otherwise ask its member to buy general activity wear from In Design Malta Ltd.

Where do I place the badges on the Uniform?

Detailed manual can be found by clicking your respective section on this link.